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Anthony Orisses is a second-generation Greek American from Queens, New York, with his roots to Greece stemming from Chios. “I grew up with Greek American values, passed down from my parents. They instilled in me at an early age the importance of working hard and giving your all in everything you do. I’ve tried to implement that into my everyday life, my career, and now into my startup”.

Anthony is the Founder and CEO of RARE CUT, a lifestyle brand which features their flagship product – the first-ever pocket square infused with a proprietary memory metal to ensure no matter how you twist, bend or fold it, it stays up. After noticing pocket square fails firsthand at work, events and weddings for years, he was inspired to solve the problem himself. RARE CUT was successfully launched on Kickstarter campaign of over $50,000 is sales in 30 days. They are uniquely designed as high-end pocket squares infused with hyper-thin memory metal, so they’re easy to fold and guaranteed to stay in place.

Anthony also works for Medtronic – the largest medical device company in the world for over 11 years. He started his career there as an associate and helped shatter a company record of over $1,000,000 dollars in devices sold, a record that still stands today. He won associate account manager of that year and has since been promoted 4 times to reach the top level of sales positions available. He is a multiple recipient of the company’s most prestigious honor – the President’s Club award – honoring the top 10 reps in the country.

His plans are to grow RARE CUT into a brand that helps bring awareness to certain causes that are near and dear to his heart. Last year a campaign was launched featuring small business owners and a portion of sales were donated to “The Barstool Fund”. More recently, a breast cancer awareness was launched, featuring women and family members who went through their own journeys in an effort to help comfort others in similar positions and to encourage women to go for routine mammograms. A portion of the proceeds were donated to the “Avon Foundation”. The vision for RARE CUT is not just to be a company with a product but a brand with a purpose.

To learn more, you can find Anthony online at @anthonyorisses and RARE CUT at @rarecut

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