Alexia Melocchi


My name is Alexia Melocchi and I am the founder and host of the Heart of Show Business podcast. The Heart of Show Business explores the depth of the music, film and television industry by bringing on entertainment visionaries from around the world. I believe that you are a role model that leads with heart, and I would love to invite you onto an episode.

When the entertainment industry came to halt due to COVID-19, I decided to bring artists and top mindset visionaries through this podcast. I have invited various directors, singers, actors and authors to discuss their different journeys and advice that they have. I came to America as a teenager to follow the American dream and my passion for Show Business and now I am a successful producer and entrepreneur. My goal with this podcast is to continue inspiring artists, and content creators to share the depths that entertainment industry holds and share our journeys of how we got to where we are today.

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