Stray Dog Gin


Forget everything you think you know about gin. And if you don’t drink gin, forget that, too. Born from the untamed countryside of Greece, where botanicals grow as wild as the spirit runs free, our exceptionally smooth and complex gin is made to be savored neat as much as mixed. Take a sip, and see where it takes you. Purchase on Greekazon!

A gin is only as good as its ingredients. Stray Dog® Wild Gin starts with wild botanicals, herbs and citrus hand-foraged from the Greek countryside, where the Mediterranean sunshine and crisp mountain spring water conspire to create bright, savory flavors unique to the region…and to the world of gin.

  • Sage φασκόμηλο
    Savory, warm and comforting, sage leaves are behind the appetizing, food complementing flavor of our gin.
  • Bay Leaf δάφνη
    Bay leaf notes are lightly floral yet full of depth. This is the underpinning of complexity for those with a keen nose and palate.
  • Rosemary δενδρολίβανο
    Adventurous gourmands understand the uplifting effect rosemary brings to any recipe.
  • Cardamom κάρδαμο
    Elegant and mysterious, if there was a spice made for seduction, cardamom would be it.
  • Lemon and Orange εσπεριδοειδές
    If sunshine were a fruit it would be citrus. Lemon and orange put the bright zest of the Mediterranean into every glass.
  • Mastiha Μαστίχα
    This crystalline tree resin aka the “Tears of Chios” was once worth its weight in gold for its healing properties. We use mastiha for its subtle yet playful piney finish that enhances the fresh taste of our gin.
  • Fennel Seed σπόρος μάραθου
    Every concoction needs some teeth. Sweet fennel seed has always symbolized courage and strength and remains among the most sought after flavors of the region.
  • Coriander κολίανδρο
    Healthy, green and grassy. A whiff of our freshly picked coriander makes us high on life.
  • Juniper άρκευθος
    The foundation of all gins, our juniper captures the depth of natural forest berries and unifies our unique blend.


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